Glass Skin is India's top digital destination for Korean Skincare, Beauty and Wellness. As our name suggests our mission at Glass Skin is all about achieving the ultimate 'Glass Skin' - Nirvana of skin health as we'd like to call it. We help you discover and learn about your skin needs and pamper it in every possible way. We hope to make popular Asian beauty practices familiar to Indian masses and help you achieve your best skin health yet. We will be pleased to curate customised skincare routines so feel free to write to us.
Our products are directly sourced from the country of origin so we fully attest to its authencity and its originality. We mainly cater best selling products from various top brands to maintain exclusivity. These products have been duly tested by the team so we fully assure you of its effectivity and quality. At Glass Skin, we offer the best affordable prices as compared to other K-Beauty platforms in India and provide the latest trends from K-Beauty and other Asian beauty.
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